What is a token?

Toekn in cryptoworlds are coins construct on blockchain they dont have thier very own blockchain like cryprocurrency.

In lay man langauge we will say token is part that represents some thing properly-defined.

Fungible can replace with identical equal piece having identical price

Exampoles: Credits, Currency, car, home, etc.

What Is Fungible and Non Fungible?

10 USD in my pocket is precisely much like the 10USD for your pocket.
Both 10USD are same in term of marketplace value.

Fungible can be interchangeable

What if the 100USD  in your pocket bears the autograph of Famous Celebrity?

they are not interchangeable now, bcoz it pbecome priceless now as it is uniuqe 10USD own by you.

So your 10 USD become non-fungible means unique Piece.

In crypto world…
Before NFTs,all tokens had been fungible.

One bitcoin in my wallet is valued precisely the same as one bitcoin for your pockets.

However in 2014, new technology known as “monetized graphics” used to create first NFT.

Use Of NFT

NFTs are now being used to commodify digital belongings in artwork, Education, sports, and other enjoyment, with most NFTs a part of the Ethereum blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens can also be bought, and traded on virtual marketplaces.

NFTs are most important part of games.

NFTS can be digital logo, artwork,music audios, certificates,etc.

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